Amsterdam Centre for Religious History

Welcome to the website of the Amsterdam Centre for Religious History. ACRH unites a large number of scholars and students, affiliated with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, especially the faculties of Humanities and Theology. They are working in several fields of the history of religion in the world, including the thematic subsections featured above. On this website you can find out about the activities, research projects, (under)graduate courses, and publications. ACRH organises an open research seminar every first week of the month on Tuesdays, 15.30-17.00 hrs.

Upcoming Events & Seminars

16 - 18 August 2018

H.P. Scholte Sesquicentennial Conference 1868-2018

In August 2018, it will be 150 years since the death of Dutch Seceder pastor and American immigrant leader Hendrik P. Scholte (1805 -1868). His legacy is related to the Secession of 1834 in the Netherlands and is tangibly present in Pella, Iowa, where he settled in 1847 with his eight-hundred-member Dutch immigrant group. His original house is still there, and Pella is one of the most vibrant pockets of Dutch American history in the United States. The conference will focus on the history and legacy of Scholte and his community in the Netherlands and the United States. We will seek to understand the distinctive leadership of Scholte in the context of that time period, considering features like the separation of church and state, expanding mobility, democratization, and education.
Pella (USA)
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25 August 2018

1618: Paniek in de Republiek

Op 19 november 1618 verscheen een heldere komeet aan de ochtendhemel die in heel Europa voor grote paniek zorgde en in vele traktaten en pamfletten bediscussieerd werd. Wat kon deze staartster te betekenen hebben? Het jaarlijkse congres van de Werkgroep Zeventiende Eeuw is gewijd aan de grote en kleinere gebeurtenissen in 1618 in de Republiek en de Zuidelijke Nederlanden in hun internationale politieke en culturele context.
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